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12|                                     ROOT CANAL TREATMENT

                                                       DiaPrep  Pro
                                                EDTA Root Canal Preparation Cream
       •  Root canal debridement
       •  Pulp remnants dissolution
       •  Removal of smear layer                                 Item #2002-4100      Regular Kit
       •  Facile movements of canal instruments                  Contains: 2 syringes of 6 g and 10 disposable tips
       •  Microbicidal treatment within the canal
       •  Clearance of dentin tubules and apical area            Item #2002-6119      Disposable Tips (10)

       •  EDTA removes smear layer,softens dentin and facilitates the
         removal of calcific obstruction
       •  Urea Hydrogen Peroxide reacts with Sodium Hypochlorite to
         produce oxygen bubbles that flush out debris within the canal
       •  The lubricant medium facilitates instrument movement within the
         canal to eliminate instrument binding or breakage
       •  Unclogged dentin tubules and apical area allow better penetration
         of root canal medicaments and fillings
       •  Rapid cleaning and enlarging of canals because EDTA softens canal
         walls and removes calcium deposits
       •  EDTA paste is easier to place into canals than EDTA liquid solution

                         Endo-Clear TM                                                   e-Temp TM
                    17% Water-Based EDTA Solution                             Hydraulic Temporary Restorative Material
                                                                                   (Available in Canada only           )

                                                                    •  Temporary restorations - especially inlay restorations
                                                                    •  Temporary filling and sealing
                                                                    •  Temporary filling of implant sites
       •  Clear and colorless EDTA root canal cleaner
       •  Effectively cleans the canal and removes smear layer      FEATURES
       •  Chelating effect softens root canal wall, dissolves and   •  Adheres to dentin, expands slightly during setting and
           removes calcium                                            hardens rapidly to ensure hermetical seal
       •  Water-based: reach narrow apical area easily and easy removal  •  Improved mechanical properties for quick temporary filling
                                                                    •  Moisture-activated:  sets within 35 minutes or less
       Item #2002-5001       Endo-Clear Set
       Contains: 100 ml Endo-Clear Solution, 1 syringe of Diaflex and   •  Contains zinc oxide and calcium sulfate
                 3 disposable tips in blister package               •  Excellent adaptability
                                                                    •  Easy to remove
       Item #2002-5002       Endo-Clear Solution                    Item #2004-1001  e-Temp
       Contains: 100 ml Endo-Clear Solution                         Contains: 30 grams (white)
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