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ENDODONTIC INSTRUMENT                                                     |13

                                           Sterilized Irrigation Tips - Side Open Type

                                                                            PERIODONTAL POCKETS
                                                                            • Side-port design effectively irrigates perio pockets and
                                                                             closed, rounded tip can reduce the risk of tissue damage.
                                                                            ROOT CANALS
                                                                            • Side-port dispersal creates an upward flushing motion for
                                                                             a complete root canal preparation. It can also fully clean
                                                                             the gingival sulci without damaging surrounding tissue
                                                                             because of its rounded tip.

               Size             Color          Item #
         31G (0.27 x 25mm)   Clear White      #951-101
         30G (0.30 x 25mm)     Yellow         #951-102
         28G (0.36 x 25mm)    Blue Green      #951-103

       •  Pre-sterilized by E.O. Gas (5 year expiration date)
       •  Unique design of side port/closed end to increase proficiency and patient comfort
       •  Compatible with Luer Lock syringes
       •  Round tip end reduces the risk of tissue damage
       •  50 tips/box
                                                                                                      31G    30G    28G

                                           Disposable Endo Irrigation Tips

                                                                                      Diameter (D3)


                                                                                                  DiaDent   A(Korea)  B(Japan)
                                                                                                     Tip Specification

       ADVANTAGES                                          Item #1001-315        Disposable Endo Irrigation Tips (Blue)
       •  Thinner tips for precision and flexibility       Contains: 20 disposable pre-bent tips in blister pack
       •  Hygienic blister package
       •  Straight tips; can be easily bent according to preference  Item #1001-316     Disposable Endo Irrigation Tips (Clear)
       •  Disposable pre-bent tips are also available      Contains: 20 disposable tips in blister pack
       •  Compatible with Luer Lock syringes
                                                           Item #1001-303        Disposable Pre-Bent Tips
                                                           Contains: 20 disposable tips
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