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SMALL EQUIPMENT                                SMALL EQUIPMENT                                                     |17

             Vertical Condensation with                                             Backfill Obturation with

               1a.    Shape the root canal with endo files and                  5.    Using EvoFill's activated Gutta Percha Cartridge Tip,
                   determine the working length. Select a master                  make contact with the upper part of filled master
                   cone that closely matches the apical size.                     cone in the canal, transfer heat for 3 to 5 seconds to
                                                                                  soften the material.

               1b.    Insert Heating Condenser (EvoPack) into the root          6a.    Extrude the melted Gutta Percha into the root canal.
                   canal to the point 4~7mm short of the working
                   length.  Move and set the endo stop accordingly.

               2.      Insert the selected master Gutta Percha cone that        6b.    Continue flowing while withdrawing the tip
                   is coated with sealer.                                          from the canal.

               3a.    Place Heating Condenser (EvoPack) in the orifice          7.    Use a hand plugger to compact the
                   of the canal and activate EvoPack by pressing the              obturation material.
                   Operation Button.  Using the activated Heating
                   Condenser, cut the middle of Gutta Percha cone and
                   downpack the soften material to the point 6~9mm
                   from the apex for about 2 seconds only.

               3b.   Release the Operation Button to allow the Heating                 SPECIFICATIONS
                   Condenser to cool down, while at the same time    EvoPack   Size (mm) L x W x H  182 x 25 x 29 mm
                   continue pushing and holding the cooled Heating             Weight (g)          102 +/- 1 g (incl. battery)
                   Condenser to the apex for 8 seconds.  This ensures all
                   lateral and accessory canals are filled.  Activate the      Standby/Auto Power Off  5 min./10 min.
                   Heating Condenser again by pressing and holding the         Operation Time      5 seconds x 420 times
                   Operation Button for about 1.5 seconds, compact the   EvoFill  Size (mm) L x W x H  222 x 25 x 29 mm
                   Gutta Percha cone to the point 4~7mm of working             Weight (g)          190 +/- 1 g (incl. battery)
                   length.                                                     Standby/Auto Power Off  5 min./10 min.
                                                                               Operation Time      5 minutes x 12 times
               4.    Condense the remaining material using a         Charger   Size (mm) L x W x H  178 x 13 x 82 mm
                       hand plugger.                                           Charging time       Approx. 90 minutes
                                                                     Battery   Lithium Ion Battery,  2500 mAh

       Gutta Percha Cartridge (EvoFill)                                             EvoFill  Duo Complete Kit
       #4005-2010                                                                   #4005-1001 (1 YEAR WARRANTY)
       Contains: 23G x 20 cartridges/box                                            Contains:
       • Fast loading                                                               1 EvoFill Handpiece, 1 Safety Cap, 1 EvoPack
       • Single-use                                                                 Handpiece, 2 Heating Condensers (size F & FM),
       • Hygienic                                                                   1 Dual Charger, 1 Power Adapter & Cord,
       • Bendable tip                                                               1 Scrubbing Brush, 1 Multi-Tool, User Manual.
       • Excellent flowability
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