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20|                                          SMALL EQUIPMENT

                        Cordless Warm Vertical Compaction + Backfill Obturation System

         •  A complete obturation system with both Duo-Gun backfill obturation  device and Duo-Pen warm vertical
           compaction device
         •  Fast charging Duo-Charger conveniently charges both devices at once

        4007-2000      Regular Kit
                       Contains: Duo-Gun Handpiece, Duo-Pen Handpiece & Duo-Charger,
                       Heating Condenser #.04-50, Heating Condenser #.06-50, Disposable Sheath (200/box)
                       GP Obturation Tips (23G, 4/box), Gutta Percha Obturator (100/bottle), Safety Caps (2/pack),
                       Plunger Set, Plunger O-Ring Assembly (2/pack), Multi Tool, Scrubbing Brush, Power Adapter, AC Power Cord
        4007-2010      Duo-Gun Handpiece
        4007-2020      Duo-Pen Handpiece
        4007-2030      Duo Charger
        4007-2080      Duo-Gun Battery
        4007-2090      Duo-Pen Battery

        Perfect and tightly sealed root canals after root canal
        warm obturation procedure with Duo-Gun and Duo-Pen
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