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NICKEL TITANIUM ROTARY FILES                                                                                        |23

                STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

       Before the endo procedure, disinfect inside of   Determine the working length with an X-ray and   Follow the glide path using K-File #15 and
       the canals using EDTA. Use DX File to shape   scout the canal space using K-Files #8 and #10.  enlarge the opening of the canal.
       the coronal section and enlarge the opening of
       the canal.

        D1 expands the glide path and enlarges to   Continue shaping the middle and apical portions   After providing adequate irrigation,
        widen the coronal section. Irrigate with NaOCI   with D1 file using gentle force to brush laterally.   continue shaping the rest of the section
        before engaging the file. Shape the middle   Cut the dentin on the outstroke to improve   (up to the apex) using D1 File.
        part of the coronal section using D1 File.  straight-line access and apical progression.

        D2 enlarges to the apical 2/3. Shape the canal   Shape down to the apex using D3 File with an   If the apex is larger than hand file #20,
        section with a gentle brushing action using   in-and-out pecking motion. Finish shaping when   continue shaping with D4 (if #20 hand file
        D2 File. Confirm working length frequently,   it matches the size of K-File #20.  is loose at length) and/or D5 (if #25 hand
        especially when shaping severely curved canals.                                 file is loose at length).
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