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32|                                          SHIELD & GOGGLES

                   Dia-100FS (Face Shield)                                                 Dia-200B

                                                                  FEATURES:           ANTI-FOG    ANTI-STATIC

    Dia-100FS is developed for face and eyes protection from flying debris and
    other harmful substances.
                                                                  Superior cushioning   Good air circulation  Easily fit over
    •   Adjustable to various angles                              and ventilation                        correction glasses
    •   Lightweight and easy to clean and wash
    •   Anti-fog capability                                      Item # 1005-1031
    •   Shields can be quickly positioned and fits over regular eyeglasses
                                                                 Multi-purpose lightweight goggles used among dentists and surgeons for
                                                                 eye protection from flying debris.  Prevent eye injuries and contamination
                                                                 from fine dust.
    Dia-100FS (Face Shield)
    Item # 1005-5011  Dia-100FS Regular Set                      •   Spherical lens design for superior optics
    Contains: 1 frame and 5 shields
                                                                 •   Unique absorption mechanism absorbs moisture effectively and
                                                                      prevents the lenses from steaming up
    Item # 1005-5010  Dia-100FS Refill                           •   Anti-fog coating and anti-static property prevents particles from
    Contains: 5 shields                                               attaching to the lenses

                           Dia-300I                                                       Dia-400D


    Vertical adjustments  Horizontal adjustments  Ultra lightweight  Vertical adjustments  Horizontal adjustments  Ultra lightweight

    Item # 1005-1041                                            Item # 1005-1051
    Dia-300i is developed to protect your eyes from flying debris during   The protective glasses for blue curing light (400-510 nm) are used to protect
    clinical or laboratory procedures.                          your eyes when curing composite resin.

    •   Comfort fit at the nose bridge and temple               •   Applied wavelength: 400-510 nm
    •   Anti-fog technology provides superior moisture control  •   Lenses color: amber
    •   Anti-UV substance existent in the lenses deflects UV waves   •   Excessive exposure to blue lights will damage your vision and eye health
         and provides more than 99% protection
    •   Anti-static - prevents particles from attaching to the lenses
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