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Superior Cutting Efficiency
• Sharp and strong blade construction to help file move deep into the canal
• Triangular cross section reduces contact with the canal wall
• Designed to instrument calcified or severely curved canals

High Flexibility
• Progressive taper design increases flexibility and efficiency
• High corrosion resistance with coated surface
• Premium nickel titanium material

Highly Integrable
• Designed to work interchangeably with your current technique and system
• Perfect matching GP and PP points: Dia-ProT

Dia-ProT GP

Length & Size 19 MM 21MM 25MM
#DX 561-100    
#D1   561-101 561-201
#D2   561-102 561-202
#D3   561-103 561-203
#D4   561-104 561-204
#D5   561-105 561-205
Assorted (D1-D4)   561-191 561-291

(4 files/package)


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Compability Chart:

DX: Access File (19mm)
D1: ProTaper® S1
D2: ProTaper® S2
D3: ProTaper® F1
D4: ProTaper® F2
D5: ProTaper® F3

(*ProTaper is a trademark of Dentsply International Inc.)


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