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Dia-Duo Complete System
Duo-Gun Backfill Obturation
Duo-Pen Vertical Compaction
EvoFill Duo Obturation
D-Lux+ (Plus) Curing Light
D-Lux Cordless Curing Light
Gutta Percha Points
Paper Points
Specialty GP/PP Points
Gutta Percha Obturator Pellet
Dia-Root BIO Sealer
Dia-Root BIO MTA
Dia-ProSeal Sealer
DiaTemp & DiaTemp Flow
DiaPex® Plus (formerly Diapex®)
DiaPrep PRO
DiaFil Flow
DiaPlus Bonding Agent
DiaEtch Etching Gel
Dia-X Files
Stainless Steel Files
Specialty Endo Files
Nickel Titanium Files
Steri. Irrigation Tips
Endo Boxes
Prophy Brushes and Cup
Bur Products
Goggles & Shields
Miracle Suction
GP & PP Reference Guide
Product Catalogue



Welcome to DiaDent Group International


DiaDent is a leading manufacturer and exporter of dental materials, consumable supplies, dental instruments and small equipment. DiaDent has been a leader in the dental industry since 1985. Currently, we supply through a network of over 900 dental dealers in over 125 countries.

DiaDent is a worldwide innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of endodontic products especially Gutta Percha and Paper Points. Our commitment to quality was validated in the spring of 1998 when DiaDent's Korean manufacturing facility was awarded both ISO 9001 and CE mark Certification.

DiaDent continues to research and develop new products in order to better serve the dental professions. The commitment to continuous improvements and the creation of high quality products are the core of DiaDent's success.

Thank you for choosing DiaDent products and we look forward to continuing serving you to create a better dental practice.


1985-03-08 Established Kumgang Dental Industrial Co., LTD.
1988-07-14 Company name changed to Diamond Dental Industrial Co., LTD.
1991-04-26 Company name changed to DiaDent Group International
1993-03-15 Established office in Burnaby, Canada
Set up North American distribution center
1997-06-01 Exclusive sale agreement of domestic market with Dental Therapeutics AB in Sweden.
1997-09-24 Exclusive sale agreement with Neo Dental in Japan.
1998-02-06 ISO 9001 certified.
1998-06-10 CE MARK(MDD) certified
2000-01-26 Awarded the Exemplary Businessman owned the Medium & Small Company from Small Business Corporation.
2003-05 Vancouver Corporate Office was opened
2003-07 Awarded the Internal Audit for the Medical device from KFDA.
2003-09 2003-07 Clean Place of Business Certified by Korea Occupational Safety & Safety & Health Agency.
2005-08-15  Established the branch office for Europe in Amsterdam, Netherland
2009 New Endo Small Equipment Product Lines
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