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Cordless Warm Vertical Compaction Device

Duo-Pen is a cordless warm vertical compaction device that uses heat to cut, soften, downpack, and compact root canal filling material (gutta percha).

Duo-Pen Vertical Compaction Device FEATURES:

  • Effectively and tightly compacts and seals all canals including lateral canals
  • Softens, spreads, cuts, and compacts gutta percha
  • Ergonomic design: cordless and lightweight. Easy to hold, clean and store
  • Handpiece remains cool to touch during operation
  • Quick heating tip reaches highest level of temperature within one (1) second to save treatment time
  • Display window on handpiece clearly displays remaining battery power, error and setting temperature
  • Smart temperature control monitors and prevents heating condenser from burning out
  • Duo-Pen handpiece automatically recognizes the size of heating condenser inserted
  • Color-coded heating condensers are available in various sizes
    (#.04-40, .04-45, .04-50, .06-50, .08-55) for easy identification
  • Three temperature settings: 170°C, 200°C, and 230°C
  • Replaceable high energy density lithium-ion battery
  • Simple operation with two buttons: Power/Temperature Button & Operation/Heating Button


1a. Shape the root canal with endo files and determine the working length. Select a master cone that closely matches the apical size.

1b. Insert Duo-Pen tip (heating condenser)into the root canal to the point 4-7 mm short of the working length. Move and set the endo stop accordingly.

2. Insert the selected master Gutta Percha cone that is coated with sealer.

3a. Place the Duo-Pen tip in the orifice of the canal and activate Duo-Pen by pressing the Operation Button. Using the activated tip, cut the middle of gutta percha cone and condense the soften material to the point 6-9 mm front the apex for about 2 seconds.

3b. Release the Operation Button to allow pen tip to cool down, while at the same time continue pushing and holding the cooled pen tip to the apex for 8 seconds. This ensures all lateral and accessory canals are filled. Activate the pen tip again by pressing and holding the Operation Button for about 1~1.5 seconds, compact the gutta percha cone to the point 4~7 mm of working length.

4. Condense the remaining material using Dia-Kondensor. Complete the obturation with Duo-Gun Backfill Obturation System.





::Duo-Pen Warm Vertical Compaction Device::

Duo-PenDental Advisor Preferred Product Logo

ITEM #4007-2002 Duo-Pen Regular Kit
Contains: Duo-Pen Handpiece & Charger,
Heating Condenser #.04-50, Heating Condenser #.06-50,
Disposable Sheath (200/Box), Power Adapter, AC Power Cord

4007-2020 Duo-Pen Handpiece
4007-2032 Duo-Pen Charger
4007-2070 Heating Condenser (.04-40) 1/box
4007-2071 Heating Condenser (.04-45) 1/box
4007-2072 Heating Condenser (.04-50) 1/box
4007-2073 Heating Condenser (.06-50) 1/box
4007-2074 Heating Condenser (.08-55) 1/box
4007-2075 Heating Condensers (.04-50/.06-50) 2/box
4007-2090 Duo-Pen Battery
4007-2270 Disposable Sheath (200/box)
4007-2280 Power Adapter
4007-2287 AC Power Cord

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Duo-Pen Condensers


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